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Were you the victim of excessive force by police? Were you beaten by police while being arrested? You may be able to file a civil rights claim against the police department and the municipality to recover compensation for your mistreatment. I will stand up for you against these opponents. I am Chicago civil rights attorney Jonathan Feldman.

Section 1983 Actions

You have rights under the United States Constitution. The Fourth Amendment protects you from false arrest, illegal detention, malicious prosecution and intentional police abuse.

Section 1983 is the law that gives you the right to file a lawsuit against the government and any government organization, including a police department, if your constitutional rights have been violated. Section 1983 claims are extremely complex, but I have the skill and experience to file them successfully and hold police departments accountable for their wrongdoing.

What Is Excessive Force?

There is no precise definition of excessive force. Police officers are allowed to use force when necessary, but only as much force as is prudent based on the circumstances.

If a suspect is already subdued and police officers continue to use fists, batons or Tasers, this is a clear example of excessive force and the victim has the right to seek justice. However, most cases of excessive force are not quite so clear. If you believe that you have been the victim of police brutality, I will review your case and explain your options. If you have also been accused of a crime, I will defend you against the criminal charges as well.

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