Chicago Lawyer Handling Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession is a serious charge. Depending on the circumstances, it can be a felony, although it is more commonly a misdemeanor. Either way, strong criminal defense representation is necessary; I am committed to providing it. I am Jonathan Feldman, a Chicago attorney handling drug possession charges involving marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin and all other controlled substances, including prescription drugs.

Punishment Is Not Appropriate

People charged with drug possession are not criminals. More often than not, they are good people facing substance addiction issues. This is a medical situation, not a criminal situation. Punishment is not appropriate; treatment is.

As an experienced lawyer, I am well-versed in the options available in these cases. When appropriate, I pursue an outcome that addresses the underlying issue of substance addiction. Alternatives are available that allow people accused of these crimes to get treatment, rather than punishment, and I am skilled at helping my clients take advantage of these alternatives not only to avoid fines and incarceration, but also to overcome a serious issue.

Unlawful Search And Seizure In Drug Possession Cases

Sometimes, the government's case may be flawed. I always take care to thoroughly investigate how the arrest occurred and what methods the police used to gather the evidence. Was there a warrant? Was it executed properly? Was there a traffic stop? Was the stop handled correctly? If the search and seizure was unlawful or your constitutional rights were violated in any way, we will ask the court to suppress the evidence and dismiss your charges.

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