Chicago Felony Drug Distribution And Delivery Defense Lawyer

The government comes down hard on people accused of distributing and delivering drugs. If you are convicted of this felony charge, your future may be damaged beyond repair. You must fight back. You must enlist a skilled criminal defense attorney. I am Chicago felony drug distribution and delivery defense attorney Jonathan Feldman. I have built my career on standing up for the rights of people like you and overcoming these serious charges.

How To Fight Felony Drug Charges

The evidence against you may not be as strong as it seems. The government may say that you were caught with large quantities of drugs or with drugs packaged in such a way that indicated possession with intent to sell. An experienced lawyer knows that the real question is often not what evidence does the government have, but how did the government get it?

All too often, police trample on constitutional rights to gather evidence and build a case. You may not even know that your constitutional rights were violated. Perhaps the police had a search warrant, but they went beyond the bounds of what that warrant allowed. Even a simple traffic stop and the ensuing search and seizure of drugs and drug-related evidence must be handled a certain way, and if they are not, the evidence may be meaningless.

I will look at every detail of your case, from search warrants to the details of an undercover operation that you may have gotten caught up in. When I find a flaw in the case against you, I will file and argue the appropriate motion, seeking to have evidence thrown out. Of course, with evidence thrown out, the entire case against you may be dismissed.

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