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Shoplifting can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony crime. In Illinois, it is prosecuted very seriously, with jail time as a potential consequence upon conviction. Shoplifting charges can arise from a simple mistake. You do not have to let this mistake land you in jail.

If you have been arrested on suspicion of shoplifting or retail theft or face such charges, talk to me, Jonathan Feldman, a Chicago theft lawyer who can defend you. A conviction can have serious consequences, and I will work hard on your behalf to minimize those consequences.

Charged With Retail Theft?

Retail theft charges typically arise from these common scenarios:

  • Employee theft: Are you an employee of a retail store who has been accused of stealing from the cash register? Were you accused of taking merchandise and not paying for it?
  • Shoplifting: Did you mistakenly leave an item in your cart and walk out of the store without paying? Did you put a toy in your purse so your child would stop crying about wanting the toy and forget to put it back on the shelf? Did you steal out of necessity to provide for your family?

A misdemeanor theft charge occurs when the stolen item or items are valued at up to $300. A felony theft charge occurs when the stolen item or items are valued at more than $300.

As your defense attorney, I will explore the reasons why the alleged theft occurred and get to the bottom of the charges. I will seek a dismissal of the charges or seek to have the charges reduced.

Did a store manager accuse you of shoplifting and call the police? You need a defense attorney who understands why these charges happen and the strategies for obtaining the most favorable results.

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