Chicago Property Crime Defense Lawyer

Property crimes come in many forms. One of the most common is theft, which can range from shoplifting or retail theft of low-dollar items to large-scale theft. Robbery and burglary also fall under this category. However, not all property crimes involve stealing — trespassing, vandalism and arson are often considered property crimes as well. I defend against all these charges. I am Chicago property crime defense attorney Jonathan Feldman.

How Strong Is The Evidence?

A dedicated lawyer knows that a careful review of the evidence is necessary in all property crime cases. Evidence can be very strong, particularly in shoplifting cases when the accused was caught in the act by a store detective. However, even in these cases, there may be flaws that I can find and use to attack the case, leading to a positive outcome.

Many of these cases involve security video evidence. Sometimes people assume that this is strong evidence. However, it is often flawed. Depending on the quality of the surveillance camera, the video may be grainy and unclear. The individuals on the video may be obscured by masks, hoods or hats. The only connection between the individual and the accused may be something as inconsequential as an article of clothing. No matter what the case, I will find the weakness in the evidence and use it to your advantage.

Fraud And White Collar Property Crimes

Property crimes involving fraud such as check fraud or credit card fraud will typically be handled differently from other property crimes. There may be allegations of forgery or identity theft, making these matters particularly complex. I am ready to sort through the layers of these challenging cases, navigating toward a positive resolution.

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