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Case Results

Below is just a small sample of the types of cases handled by The Law Office of Jonathan Feldman.

All personal information about clients has been redacted for confidentiality purposes.

Retail Theft

Client was charged with allegedly stealing a purse from a high end department store, valued at $900, making the offense a felony charge. Both in store surveillance cameras as well as testimony of store employees and security officers caught the client leaving the last point of payment without paying for the purse. Mr. Feldman negotiated an agreement by which all charges would become dismissed. The client will be eligible for expungement of all records of this matter.


Client, a resident of Denver, Colorado, was traveling through Illinois in his vehicle and was stopped for a minor traffic violation, in which his car was searched, and 3 ounces of Marijuana found by Police. Client possessed a medical marijuana card but for Colorado only. Mr. Feldman not only negotiated the eventual dismissal of the case, but client was not overly burdened and did not have to return multiple times to Illinois to address the charges of felony marijuana possession. This case and all details will be expunged and destroyed.

Felony Traffic

Client was charged with a felony, improper use of title and registration traffic offense. The prosecution was seeking probation, which would have been a permanent felony conviction on client’s background. Mr. Feldman intervened, and set the case for trial, demanding that the felony charge was inappropriate and unjust. As a result of Mr. Feldman’s representation, the felony charge was removed, the client avoided a conviction, and his driving privileges remained intact.


Client was charged with Class A misdemeanor speeding, for allegedly speeding on the expressway more than 40 miles over the posted limit. A conviction for such an offense was likely to lead to a suspension of the client’s driving privileges. The States Attorneys (prosecutors) were unwilling to negotiate at all based on the alleged speed of the client. Mr. Feldman proceeded to trial and successfully cross examined the State Trooper and convinced the presiding Judge that the State had not proven the alleged speed of 40 or more beyond a reasonable doubt. The client’s driving privileges remained unaffected.

Cell Phone Harassment

Client was charged with repeatedly calling and texting an ex girlfriend in a harassing way. Prosecutors originally asked for an agreement that would lead to a conviction. Mr. Feldman intervened, and negotiated an agreement that the complaining witness (ex girlfriend) was agreeable with, which led to the dismissal of all charges.

Civil Rights

Mr. Feldman has successfully filed suit and negotiated settlements for clients who have been the victim of police brutality, excessive force, malicious prosecutions and illegal search and seizures.

False Reporting

Mr. Feldman was part of a team that led to the dismissal of charges of felony false reporting of a crime. Client reported police misconduct in which client, in custody, felt forced to perform sex acts on Officer. Officer denied this accusation, and client was eventually charged with false reporting. The legal team representing client exposed DNA evidence which confirmed client was telling the truth. The criminal felony case was dismissed, and a civil rights case against authorities is pending.