Chicago Gun And Weapon Charge Lawyer

Most weapons crimes involve guns. For an attorney to be successful, he or she must have in-depth knowledge of conceal and carry laws and the other laws that apply. I am Chicago gun and weapon charge attorney Jonathan Feldman. I know all applicable laws, and I am committed to defending against charges of unlawful use of weapons, illegal firearm possession, lack of firearm registration, lack of firearm ownership identification and more.

Was The Search And Seizure Lawful?

A skilled lawyer must understand how to determine whether a search and seizure were conducted properly, because if not, it will have a major impact on the case. I know the importance of filing and arguing motions for suppression of evidence when I determine that the police did not conduct a traffic stop correctly or when the police went beyond the bounds of a search warrant. I am dedicated to reviewing every element of the case to find flaws. When I do, I will use those flaws to gain advantage in negotiation or trial if necessary.

Defense Against Multiple Charges

Gun crimes are made more complex by the fact that they are often not stand-alone charges. In many cases, they accompany drug charges, theft charges or other criminal charges. I am prepared to defend you against multiple charges, finding the flaws in each and protecting you from the consequences of multiple criminal convictions.

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